DVB-T Cards

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LifeView FlyTV Dual Hybrid PCI-Express X1 T2A2

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Dual Hybrid PCI card,  supporting all Australian DVB-T formats including SDTV, 1080i HDTV (MP&HL) and AC3 Audio as well as Analogue TV. S/PDIF pass through and more.


  • Two Hybrid Tuners (DVB-T and Analogue TV)
  • Digital TV Support
  • Analogue TV*
  • FM Radio
  • BDA Drivers 
  • Low-profile card



Package contents

  • PCI-e x1 Card
  • installation CD (for drivers and decoders installation)
  • Remote Control Kit (Supports Bundled Basic Application Software Only)
  • Low Profile Bracket
  • A/V Cable
  • Mini Antenna (for very strong signal areas only)

* Please note DNTV Live! does not support Analogue TV or analogue video capture, you will need alternative Third Party applications for this functionality.


Tuner • Input Terminal: 75 Ohm
• Receiving frequency: VHF174~230 MHz UHF470~862 MHz
COFDM & FEC 2K or 8K FFT Size
Punctured Codes: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 and 7/8
Bandwidth: 6, 7 or 8 MHz
PCI Interface PCI bus: PCI Express x1
Board Size About 135mm×65mm
Minimum System Requirements PC  with Pentium 4 2.0 GHz (SD) or P4 3.0GHz (HD)


VGA card with at least 32MB memory (DxVA support recommended)

16-Bit Sound Card

PCIe x1 slot

CD ROM - for installation

Windows XP with Service Pack 2

NTFS formatted HDD for greater than >4GB recordings

DirectX 9c or later

DVB-T Signal in your area

VHF/UHF Antenna for both Analogue and Digital TV

Note: Not all Digital TV Stations may be broadcasting in your area - please visit the regularly updated DBA Broadcasting website to find out: http://www.dba.org.au/index.asp?sectionID=22

The Dual Hybrid has BDA drivers and DVB-T works with WebScheduler, MCE (Vista x86 and Windows 7) and other BDA based applications.