What is it?


DNTV Live! is a Windows based Digital TV application designed to make your Satellite and Terrestrial TV watching experience an enjoyable one.

DNTV Live was the first DVB application in the world (back in 2003) to work (viewing and recording) with multiple cards in the same PC at the same time. Designed right here in Australia, especially for Australia.

When first released it supported 4 DVB-T devices in the same PC at the same time. It now supports up to 16 DVB devices (8xDVB-T + 8xDVB-S) in the same PC at the same time (subject to PC hardware limitations). FM and DAB+ Radio is also supported.

DNTV Live! is bundled and works with a number of our devices without the requirement for a user name and serial number (eg the TinyTwin and the Quad DVB-T card).

A licence to use DNTV Live! may also be purchased as an optional extra with a number of other cards/devices (eg the Dual Hybrid 7164 and the TechniSat Airstar 2) and will work with these devices by using the user name and serial number supplied upon purchase of the licence.

It also supports selected DVICO DVB-T cards and USB devices, most VisionPlus/TwinHan DVB-T and DVB-S PCI cards and a number of other devices that have BDA compliant drivers, but only if a DNTV Live! DVB-T or other registered device is  present in (or attached to) the PC at the same time.

DNTV Live! is generally not available for purchase separately, although it may be possible for a licence to be made available to existing customers in some circumstances.


Multi-tuner combinations* that may be used currently in the same PC are:

  • Up to 16 DVB (8x DVB-T and 8x DVB-S) tuners can be used with the DNTV Live! software application. These can be made up by up to eight DVB-T and eight DVB-S devices, in any combination from the following:


  • DNTV Live! DVB-T
  • DNTV Live! Pro
  • DNTV Live! LP DVB-T
  • DNTV Live! Mini
  • DNTV Live! TinyUSB
  • DNTV Live! USB Hybrid
  • DNTV Live! Hybrid PCI
  • DNTV Live! Hybrid PCI S2
  • DNTV Live! TinyTwin
  • DNTV Live! QuattroS PCI-E
  • DNTV Live! Dual Digital PCI
  • DNTV Live! Dual Hybrid PCI Express
  • DNTV Live! Dual Hybrid PCI Express S2/S3
  • DVICO (registered) DVB-T devices PCI or USB (T1, Plus, Lite or USB 2)**
  • VisionPlus/TwinHan DVB-T
  • VisionPlus/TwinHan DVB-S
  • AzureWave DVB-S2 PCI
  • Lifeview DVB-T PCI
  • LifeView TV Walker Twin
  • LifeView FlyTV Express
  • KWorld VStream DVB-T PCI
  • Technotrend DVB-T PCI
  • Nebula DigiTV PCI
  • TechniSat AirStar 2 DVB-T PCI
  • Hauppauge HVR 2200
  • Dual Hybrid (7164) PCIe
  • Dabby (DTV/FM/DAB+)
  • Quad DVB-T


  • 16 Recording and viewing simultaneously.

* Subject to the above described licence requirements and the relevant BDA drivers being capable of working in multi-tuner environments

**Please note the DVICO Dual Digital and Hybrid cards (purchased from us) require the installation of the modified drivers in order to work with other DVICO devices, using DNTV Live!. DVICO DualDigital (I and II and 4) and Hybrid cards purchased elsewhere are not supported.


Please note: We guarantee that our software works with the cards we sell, we can not, however, provide such guarantee for devices acquired elsewhere. Fully compliant BDA drivers must be installed for the respective devices, to ensure the DNTV Live! application works with it.

Software Features


Digital TV Support

You can watch and record both digital Satellite TV and Terrestrial TV at the same time, this includes PayTV services (such as SelectTV, Aurora, etc) when using a supported DVB-S device with CAM and subscription card.

Digital Picture in Picture (PIP)

Play a DVD or recording in the main window and watch a TV show a fully resizable PIP window. Or if you have multiple tuner devices or two DNTV Live! cards, you can watch and/or record two channels (for live viewing only one HD + one SD or two SD channels supported) simultaneously.

Start Play While Recording

Play back a file from the beginning while it is still being recorded! To do this, open the file in DVD mode and play it. You can scroll through the file from the start to the current live viewing status. 

Analogue Inputs PIP

Watch your external source analogue inputs (selected devices only), while watching Digital TV, simultaneously using only one DVB-T card with analogue inputs. Note:- analogue input recording is not supported.

FM and DAB+ Radio Support

If you are using a supported device as the first tuner you can tune, play and record FM and DAB+ Radio broadcasts within DNTV Live!

Wake up PC from Standby

This feature will allow you to wake up your PC from hibernate or standby (provided it is supported by your OS and MB) and execute a scheduled recording. You can also select the the option to enter various power off states on completion of scheduled recordings. 

Silent Recording

Want to keep working but not miss that important show?  Now you can silently record your shows and continue your work.  DNTV Live! records your programs in the background with minimal CPU Usage.


DNTV Live! Employs a revolving time shifting buffer to continuously record what you are viewing. This will allow the replay of any action that may have been missed. Replay is available up to a user preset time limit, with the default being one minute. The user can go back through the segment and view the missed portion, and also record a certain portion if desired, all without missing a single second!  DigitalNow calls this Smart Time Shifting or Action Replay. This feature can be turned off for those that have slow hard drives or lower powered CPU.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

DNTV Live! supports 7 Day EPG from the DVB broadcasts, for both Satellite TV and Terrestrial TV, as well as importing it from external sources, such as IceTV and other sources on the net.

EPG Based Digital TV Recording

You can simply select what TV program you want to record from the EPG data, up to seven days ahead and the application will record the show for you.

Comprehensive audio output settings

DNTV Live! Supports a wide range of Audio output settings, including 2, 4, 6 channels and SPDIF out.  You can take advantage of 5.1 Dolby Digital broadcasts and enjoy great surround sound.

Customisable channel names and list

In many areas, over 60 terrestrial and hundreds of satellite TV channels are broadcasted, with most of those being duplicate channels.  DNTV Live! lets you delete the unwanted channels and rename the ones you want to keep.  This enables faster channel changing and direct access to the channels you want to watch.

Multiple Card Support

Here at DigitalNow, we are continually planning for the future.  In the development of our DNTV Live! products, our unique software architecture allows a world first of up to 16 DVB-T/S tuners running at once to be used. 16 recording and viewing Live all at the same time! 

DVD Playback

Play all your favourite DVD's in pristine Digital quality, in an easy to use application. 

Music PlayBack

Your entire music collection stored onto your computer can now be easily played back.  DNTV Live!  supports a wide range of music formats, Audio CD, MP3's, WMA's and many more. You can also configure your favorite player to play CD, MP3, WMA, etc.  DNTV Live! will allow you to access your favorite MP3 software via its Main Menu system

Recording Format

All broadcasting formats are supported, including 1080i High Definition. TS Mux is recommended and is chosen as default because it provides the best results for HDTV recordings. However, users can record the full Transport Stream (TS), DVR-MS or Broadcast MPEG2 format, if desired.

User Selectable decoders

For the enthusiast user you can now select different Third Party decoders, such as Cyberlink, Intervideo, Nvidia, Dscaler, etc. (the appropriate and relevant hardware must be present).

Also supports selected other cards and USB devices

Use your existing VisionPlus, DVICO DVB-T PCI card  or DVICO USB device with one or more DNTV Live! DVB-T card for multiple tuners, watching live AND recording, in the same PC at the same time!  A world first!

Direct Channel Selection

Finally no more channel scrolling.  You can assign channel numbers to your favorite channels for direct access.  Channel NINE would have number 9, and by pressing the number 9 on your supplied remote control or Numeric Keypad, DNTV Live! will directly tune the associated channel.

HIP Remote Compatible

Using the remote control software, HIP (Human Interface Parser) You can use your remote to control other applications in your computer as well as  DNTV Live!

Customisable Functionality

DNTV Live! functions can be executed using a keyboard shortcut (see manual for details), these keyboard shortcuts can be configured by the user and can be fully programmed into third party remotes that supports this, to fully customise the way the end user wishes to access DNTV Live! functions.