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Thankyou for choosing  DNTV Live! as your PC based Digital TV Entertainment Solution

We at DigitalNow are doing our best to try and give you a Digital TV experience like no other. 

Included in this package is DNTV Live! – Australian made software, written for our own Australian requirements. It is fully compatible with all HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) DVB-t broadcasts.

The hardware referred in the examples in this manual is the DNTV Live! DVB-t. However DNTV Live! software is also bundled with a number of other devices to which not all the functionality of the software (eg analogue inputs, RF pass through etc) may apply.

Please note, as DNTV LIve is under continuous development, this manual may be out of date, so it should be used only a general guide.

Customers should use the DVBOwners Forum for asking questions and seeking additional support in relation to the software.


Chapter 1:  Getting Started

Chapter 2:  Software installation

Chapter 3:  Configuration

Chapter 4:  Using DNTV Live! in HDTV Mode

Chapter 5:  Using DNTV Live! in DVD/Media Mode

Chapter 6: Using DNTV Live! in FM Radio Mode

Listening to the Radio

Chapter 7:  Troubleshooting DNTV Live!


Digital Now wishes to thank Jeremy Barr, Kenneth Webb and David Ngo for their assistance in putting together and keeping up-to-date this Manual