SkyDigital HDMI Capture Card







Available now for immediate delivery.

SkyDigital HDMI Capture card - can capture Digital Audio and HD Video (up to 1080i) from HDMI, Component, Composite and S-Video sources  such as Set Top Boxes, Game Console, Video camera, etc.

Includes application software that uses market leading MainConcept Encoders to ensure excellent capture quality.

A great product at a great price.




AirMouse - The Ultimate HTPC Remote



The AirMouse is a wireless keyboard + mouse combination (the size of a normal remote) designed to be used with HTPCs

It is suitable for use with Media Center, Media Portal as well as our DNTV Live! and DNTV Scheduler Pro software.

By using the keyboard shortcuts which are pre-programmed into DNTV Live!, for example, you can quickly access most of the functionality of the software.

The AirMouse can be used to operate any applications on a PC as if you were using an ordinary mouse and keyboard.

You get a full QWERTY keyboard complete with directional keys and various multimedia-specific buttons, and instead of having to use a trackpad to control the on-screen cursor, the AirMouse has a built-in gyro, allowing you to use it like a Wiimote Wii.

The package includes the AirMouse and a 2.4GHz RF signal USB mini receiver, providing a wireless range of around 10 meters.

Media Center Style Remote


Remote for use with Media Center.

Suitable for use with the following products:

  • DigitalNow Quad DVB-T Receiver
  • DNTV Dual Hybrid (7164) PCIe

If ordering separately, please indicate which of the above the remote is for, so that we can include the correct IR receiver (if required and necessary)


Replacement remotes for other products we sell maybe available, please email sales for enquiries.