Price Matching Policy


We try to bring our customers the best possible prices for all products we sell.


Price competitiveness is achieved, amongst other things, by eliminating/reducing steps in the supply chain and lowering unnecessary overheads for the benefit of the end user, to this end we import and distribute our own products, thus positioning ourselves as unbeatable on end-user prices. But, price is not the only thing we are better at.........


We don't just supply hardware, but also part of the enthusiasm and passion we share!


Our customers benefit from our second to none support, special loyalty discounts offered from time to time and may also be supplied with exclusive software that we develop or obtain exclusively.


If you find a product which is the same (including in relation to included software, shipping, etc) as a product we sell and have in stock being sold cheaper elsewhere (on-line) in Australia we will at least price match it.


Please note: All our prices include GST and delivery Australia wide.

Just send an e-mail, prior to paying for the item, to with the details of the product and web address where it can be bought from and we will match or better the price.

We will not be beaten on price, service or support